Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The Town of Drayton Valley can’t offer letters of endorsement directly to prospective candidates. To immigrate to Drayton Valley through the Rural Renewal Stream, candidates must receive a job offer from an employer who is based in Drayton Valley and has been approved by the Town under the program. Employers are responsible for applying to the program, vetting and selecting the best candidate, and requesting the endorsement letter from the Town on their behalf.

Once an employer has been approved to participate in the program, their eligible job vacancies will be posted to the Drayton Valley Rural Renewal Stream Job Postings page . To begin the process of entering the program, prospective employees should apply for a role on the Job Postings page and follow the employer’s application instructions.

The Rural Renewal Stream program is open to prospective employees from outside of Canada, as well as those who are already arrived in the country. To qualify for the program, candidates already in Canada must confirm that they hold valid temporary status.

We welcome Ukrainian nationals who are interested in living and working in Drayton Valley. The Rural Renewal Program is open to any candidate who receives a formal job offer from an approved employer, is in Canada with valid temporary status, and meets the requirements of the Rural Renewal Stream under the Alberta Advantage Immigration Program (AAIP).

After the letter of endorsement is issued, the employee must enter it into the AAIP portal as soon as possible. Once the information is entered, the nomination for permanent residency begins immediately.

The Rural Renewal Stream is an ideal option for employers who are struggling to find candidates who are qualified for or willing to perform an open role within their company. If existing federal temporary worker programs are not a good fit for your business, this program offers a great alternative. Importantly, the Rural Renewal Stream also provides employers with the opportunity to hire an employee permanently once they’ve acquired Permanent Resident status.

The Rural Renewal Stream offers employers the opportunity to waive the LMIA for the job vacancies by requesting a letter of endorsement from the Town of Drayton Valley. An LMIA is not required for employers who recruit for vacant positions through this program.

Just as in any other job, both the employer and the employee have rights under the Employment Standards Code. Should the employer or employee choose to end the employment agreement, the employer must follow employment standards and regulations to terminate their employment. Once employment has been terminated, it is the responsibility of the employer to notify the Town of Drayton Valley, who will then contact AAIP regarding the change in the employee’s status.

Representatives are welcome to submit applications on behalf of businesses in Drayton Valley, so long as the employer or registered signor for the business signs the application and is included in communications related to the request. Consultants who do not work directly with employers should direct their questions about the program to the Government of Alberta by emailing

No. The best place to look for information and updates on the Rural Renewal Stream Immigration program is the Government of Alberta Rural Renewal Stream webpage. For up-to-date information on candidate eligibility, documents required, and more, visit the Eligibility page.

To determine if you’re eligible for permanent residency through the Rural Renewal Stream, visit the Eligibility page on the Government of Alberta website.

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