Drayton Valley
Rural Renewal Stream

Immigration Employment Program

Connecting newcomers with employment opportunities.

Connecting businesses with workers.

The Town of

Drayton Valley

is proud to welcome newcomers

The Town of Drayton Valley is a designated community under the Rural Renewal Stream program with the province of Alberta! The program aims to attract and retain newcomers to Drayton Valley and support local employers to fill job vacancies. This will support workforce development by helping employers meet labour demands, expand our skilled workforce and support community growth and economic diversification.


  • Employers must have been in continuous and active operation in Alberta for a minimum of 2 complete fiscal years (the year used for tax or accounting purposes) or meet the eligibility outlined in the Alberta Immigration Program (AAIP) prior to application submission.  To ensure you qualify, please visit: the AAIP Job Offer and Employment Requirements webpage.
  • Job Opportunities must be available to Canadians first, at the same pay and working conditions. Employers must demonstrate the need for the position and provide evidence that reasonable efforts were made to fill the position with a Canadian citizen. Recruitment efforts must include local advertising platforms and the employer must work with employment support agencies located in the Town of Whitecourt prior to enrollment into the program.
  • Independent contractors are not considered as indeterminate employees and do not qualify for the program.
  • Employers much demonstrate a gross annual revenue of $400,000 for the most recent tax year and a minimum of 3 full-time employees.  If not, the employer can qualify for the program but will be restricted in the number of nominee applicants they can support, based on the number of years the employer has been operating in Alberta.
  • Caps on the number of nominees an employer can support will be applied to applications received on or after March 18, 2024.  NOTE, if a nominee leave the employer, the nominee will continue to be counted towards job offer eligibility/employer operations.
  • To confirm your eligibility to the Rural Renewal Stream program, click here to access the Employer Eligibility Form to find out if you meet the basic requirements and email it to rrs@draytonvalley.ca




  • Step 1

    Review program requirements on the Government of Alberta website
  • Step 2

    Explore job postings and apply to jobs
  • Step 3

    Complete hiring process and receive job offer
  • Step 4

    Receive endorsement letter from The Town of Drayton Valley’s Economic Development team
  • Step 5

    Apply for immigration through the Alberta Advantage Immigration Portal
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What is the Rural Renewal Stream?

The Rural Renewal Stream offers eligible workers the opportunity to immigrate to Alberta with the formal support of the Town of Drayton Valley. Part of the Drayton Valley Town Council’s commitment to economic development, the program is designed to attract and retain qualified workers and support employers to fill vacancies in their labour force.

Supporting economic development

The Town of Drayton Valley is proud to be a designated community under the Rural Renewal Stream of the Alberta Advantage Immigration Program (AAIP). Under this program, the Town will support economic development by attracting qualified candidates to fill vacant, full-time, permanent labour gaps in our community, as well as attracting entrepreneurs, new investment, and new business.

Learn more about applying for the Rural Renewal Stream in Drayton Valley